Cheap food


Recipe collections

Effective Archivist – Recipes from Seattle Rationality Reading Group Dinner. Chosen for being delicious, well-tagged for lots of diets, vegetarian or vegan, and easy to feed to a crowd.

Cooking on a Bootstrap – Collection of extremely cheap recipes (British). Lots are vegan, plus non-vegan as well.

Wikibooks’ Vegan Cuisine Cookbook – It’s a Wikimedia project, so I assume it’s all basically accurate.

All Creatures recipes – Large collection of vegan recipes

Hillbilly Housewife – Recipes and frugality resources. I find the old version of the site significantly easier to navigate.

Budget Bytes – Tasty recipes, many vegetarian, with cost info included

Oh She Glows – Lots of vegan recipes

Minimalist Baker – Lots of vegan recipes

Healthy Vegan Recipes from Konikiff Dentistry – Set of recipes and other info about plant-based diets. Sent in by a fan!

Meal plans

Hillbilly Housewife – $70/week family meal plan, the more-vegetarian-friendly $45/week family


Leanne Brown’s cookbooks – Mostly-vegetarian free PDF cookbooks for cooking on $4/day or less

Specific dishes

The Peter Special – Grains + beans + veggies + sauce – with lots of well-thought out options and discussions for a cheap, ethical, lightning-fast meal.

Soylent – higher cost but near-zero effort

Other resources

Subreddits: r/budgetfood, r/budgetveggie, r/cheap_meals, r/frugal, r/SundayMealPrep, r/vegan

Low spoons food tumblrs (for when you’re low on energy): no-more-ramen, lowspoonsgourmet, lowspoonsfood, veggie-spoonie